A website built just to sell your property. Your property is unique and should not be lost in the crowded listings on other real estate websites.


Beautiful, easy to use and stunning on every desktop, laptop or mobile device. This means you will not miss any opportunities due to a clunky, non-responsive display.


You will have comprehensive website visitor statistics. You will be able to see how many hits, from whereabouts in the world they originate and watch the trends over time.


Nobody knows your property like you do. Now you can showcase and sell your unique property from your own individual website, maybe saving big commission fees but still with the option to list with agents as well.

How it all works…

  • Firstly, you provide us with all your property details and any points about it you’d like to stress.
  • You also send us photos – we need plenty  of good photos (minimum 12). Seriously consider hiring a professional photographer to help. It really does make a difference!
  • We set to work, firstly by registering a suitable, carefully chosen domain name. We register and host this for free!
  • We build a prototype website for you to look at and fine-tune it until it’s perfect
  • The website goes “live” – usually this all happens within a week of us getting the text and photos.

What we suggest that you do…

  • Print out and read our helpful guide all about how to sell your property privately here
  • List your property on TradeMe with a prominent link to your new website (we can help you list for a small fee)
  • If you have a Facebook page then mention your new website (same with Twitter etc.)
  • Also, consider a Google AdWords campaign and also ads on Bing. We can explain and help with this as well for a small fee.

A couple of current examples…

Photography & Videography service

We can also provide you with a real estate photography service covering the south of the South Island. Because we are also experienced (21 years) website designers we know what is needed for the best results on TradeMe and on your own property website. All this works in beautifully with our website services.

  • High quality, high resolution images from a variety of cameras.
  • Plenty of images to choose from – we will be at your place for the whole day – we do not just arrive, take a few photos and be gone in an hour. We really take the time to get the best shots!
  • Very reasonable pricing on a case by case basis. Allow for $750 – $1,500 +GST with traveling at $75 +GST per hour traveled. Call us for a quote – we’ll be able to do a deal for sure!
  • Superb aerial photography and videography. Good aerial photos and properly filmed and edited video productions really do help to get a quick sale. Call (03) 465 8188 for availability & pricing or visit our sister website Dragonfly.Pictures for more information.



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